Recovery Dharma 

Family & Friends

 Welcome to our Sangha

We provide support to Family and Friends of those suffering from addictions of all kinds.

Recovery Dharma Dockweiler is a Sangha for Family and Friends. It is a holistic, peer-led, community that holds online meetings which offer education, resources, and support for people whose lives are affected by substance use and process addictions.  We cultivate relationships within a recovery community, to both support our own recovery and support the recovery of others. 

Recovery Dharma is a Buddhist-inspired peer-led movement that is unified by our trust in the potential of each of us to heal. Our meetings are held online, each week, throughout the year via Zoom. We emphasize a peer-based approach to recovery, recognizing that we are all wise, we are all equal, and we can all learn from each other.  These meetings are facilitated by peer volunteers from our Sangha.

You do not have to identify as a Buddhist, or have any experience with meditation to participate; this is a program of empowerment and doesn’t ask us to believe in anything other than our own potential to change and heal. 

Recovery Dharma Dockweiler Sangha is a meeting in Recovery Dharma to support the families and friends of those in all stages of substance use, process  addictions and recovery. 

Addiction is defined as the repetitive process of habitually satisfying cravings to avoid, change, or control the seemingly unbearable conditions of the present moment. 

This process of craving and indulgence provides short-term relief but causes long-term harm. It is almost always a source of suffering. Our relationships may include loved ones who are, or have been, engaged in destructive behaviors related to substances such as alcohol, prescription medications and other drugs, or process addictions such as food, gambling, sex, shopping, and technology- anything that brings suffering to the human experience.