Community Agreements

"For us, our sangha is our community of both dharma practice and recovery."

Recovery Dharma Book

Recovery Dharma Dockweiler Sangha has curated guidelines for the well-being of its members. The following agreements reflect our commitment to providing a community that is trauma informed and where every individual who participates is seen and heard. These core concepts are not exhaustive, rather, they give us a reference that align with our purpose:

Try it on: 

Be willing to “try on” new ideas, or ways of doing things that might not be what you prefer or are familiar with.

Practice self focus: 

Attend to and speak about your own experiences and responses. Do not speak for a whole group or express assumptions about the experience of others.

Is it intent or impact: 

Try to understand and acknowledge impact. Denying the impact of something said by focusing on intent is often more destructive than the initial interaction.

Try reflective listening:

Listening to what has been spoken and repeat back the persons idea, which includes both their thoughts and feelings.

Use the words "both/and": 

When speaking, substitute “and” for “but.” This practice acknowledges and honors multiple realities.

Reframe blame and shame of self and others: 

Ask if others are open to feedback. Practice giving skillful feedback, and ask yourself if you are sharing your experience, or giving unsolicited advice. 

Awareness with speech: 

Encourage full participation by all present. Take note of who is speaking and who is not. If you tend to speak often, consider pausing and vice versa. 

Ask yourself:

Use active listening: 

Try to avoid planning what you’ll say as you listen to others. Be willing to be surprised, to learn something new. Listen with your whole self.


Take home learnings but don’t identify anyone other than yourself, now or later. If you want to follow up with anyone regarding something they said in this session, ask first and respect their wishes.

Right to pass: 

You can say “I pass” if you don’t wish to speak. We respect your boundary and your presence is also a form of service. 

Honor & Freedom: 

We review these agreements anytime and modify as appropriate.

Participation in Family and Friends is at the facilitators discretion to ensure the safety of the room. If you have questions please reach out to us at